Supported projects

Since its foundation in 1993, it is remarkable to observe that the CQRDA has analyzed more than 1 000 research and development projects. Among those, over 830 have been accepted for funding, corresponding to a total of some 27 million $ of investment. Owing to this support, the partners associated to these projects have, on their side, injected over 150 million $.

It is worth to note that many of those projects have been great commercial successes.

Development of aluminium sheet thermoforming processes for the automobile sector

  • Leader : Verbom
  • Financial partners other than the promoter : NRC-IRAP, CQRDA
  • Research partners : NRC-ATC, Precicad, ThermoScience Enercoatings inc
  • Summary : The CAFE and Euro VI standards that are forced on car manufacturers push them to look for solutions to reduce the weight of vehicles. Aluminum is the ideal material material to achieve this, and Verbom’s thermoforming process allows designers to achieve the desired geometries through the exceptional elongations afforded by the super-plasticity of the alloys they use. To conquer this sector they had to develop different technologies allowing them to increase the mechanical properties of the produced parts, to increase the production rates and the batch size and to improve the dimensional and aesthetic quality.

Development of an aluminium city bike for self-service rental

  • Leader : Cycles Devinci
  • Financial partners other than the promoter : Michel Dallaire, industrial designer and CQRDA
  • Research partner : CNRC
  • Summary : Development of a city bike, for self-service rental, made of aluminium.

Ergonomic arm AEA-500

  • Leader : Robotics Design
  • Financial partners other than the promoter : NRC-IRAP, CQRDA
  • Research partners : Concordia University and TDE Techno
  • Summary : Development of a modular ergonomic arm fitted on a cart and circular rail for turbine maintenance.

Aluminium sleeve valve

  • Leader : Oxo Fab
  • Financial partners other than the promoter : SVA, CLD et CQRDA
  • Research partners : Paber Aluminium, Services Precicad, CPA
  • Summary : Watertight type valves are used in order to have a retention of the product circulating in the sleeve if it breaks (example transport contaminated sludge). This type of valve is extremely heavy and it is very tedious to proceed with the replacement of the sleeve. The aluminum fabrication of this valve has significantly reduced the equipment and the sash opening greatly facilitates the replacement of the sleeve in addition to significantly reducing the time of this operation.