Technical leaflets

On many occasions over the years, the CQRDA has been asked for information by people involved in the transformation of aluminium on various issues, technical as well as commercial. Many of those questions have prompted the Center to produce the Feuillards techniques (technical leaflets) and make them available to the aluminium community owing to the relevance of their content. These leaflets are aimed at people involved in the transformation of aluminium, engineers, technicians, managers, researchers and students.

Since then, a partnership has been established between the CQRDA and the Centre d’expertise sur l’aluminium (CeAl), which allows to update the leaflets and write new ones for the benefit of members of the aluminium industry. We invite you to consult these technical sheets that can be found on the website of the CeAl by following the link below :


We invite you to download the following very interesting publications :