CANDIDATE WANTED | Postdoctoral fellow

CANDIDATE WANTED | Postdoctoral fellow

Chaire institutionnelle de recherche sur les matériaux industriels (CHIMI)


University of Quebec at Chicoutimi (UQAC)  |University Research Center on Aluminum (CURAL)


Mathematical modeling of an industrial reactor

 Sulfur dioxide (SO2) is emitted during the production of aluminum due to the nature of raw materials such as coke and pitch used in the fabrication of anodes. This gas is the source of acid rain and is harmful to plants/trees, aquatic life, and human health. Due to the increase in aluminum production and the decrease in the quality of raw materials, emissions of SO2 continue to increase. Currently, SO2 and hydrogen fluoride (HF) emissions from electrolysis are treated with alumina at the gas treatment centers, which is then fed to the electrolysis cells. However, the adsorption of HF is in competition with that of SO2, and the removal of SO2 is not very effective.

The objective of the project is to design an industrial reactor for the capture of SO2 by lime using mathematical modeling. Based on the experimental work that is in progress, a design of an industrial reactor will be conceptualized. A mathematical model will be developed using Ansys-CFX software to determine the dimensions of the reactor and simulate reactor operation in an existing aluminum smelter. Different geometric and operational parameters will be tested. The model will include the gas and particle flow, heat and mass transfer, chemical reaction, and the interaction between gas and particles. The analysis of the results will make it possible to optimize the geometry of the system to maximize the contact and the capture efficiency in a restricted volume, to understand the impact of the variation of various parameters on the SO2 capture and to reduce the implantation costs in an existing plant.

The responsibilities of the postdoctoral fellow will be to :

  • Model an industrial reactor that will separate SO, gas from gaseous effluents from electrolysis cells;
  • Support students in their experimental work and data analysis;
  • Participate in experimental work in the laboratory and in the factory;
  • Write articles and technical reports.

This project is in collaboration with Rio Tinto Inc. The salary is $ 35,000 plus the social benefits.

Candidate profile :

A Ph.D. degree in chemical engineering or process engineering or mechanical engineering is required.

For more information :

Duygu Kocaefe, ing., Ph.D.
Director of Graduate Studies in Engineering – Research
Holder of the research chair on industrial materials (CHIMI)
Responsible of Production, Aluminum research center (REGAL)
Department of Applied Sciences
University of Quebec at Chicoutimi
555, boul. de l’Université, Office : P4-3310
Chicoutimi, Quebec Canada G7H 2B1
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